Memorandum to Seed Analyst

Serial number of memorandum



The Seed Analyst

The sample described below is sent herewith for analysis under clause (b) of Sub-section (1) of Section 14 and/or clauses (b) and (c) of Sub-section (2) Section 15 of the Seeds Act, 1966 :

1. Serial Number of the sample :

2. Date of sampling :

3.                  Other information :


a.       Name and address of the person from whose seed stock(s) sample
was drawn :



b. Kind and variety of seed : ......

                        c. Lot No.                             :

d.      Treatment & labelling information :...........

e.       Nature & quantity of preservative (if any added) : ..


A copy of this memo and specimen impression of the seal used to seal the packet of samples is being sent separately by post/hand*


        Seed Inspector



* Strike out which ever is not applicable.




( To be prepared in quinplicate original copy to the Analyst along with sample, second copy to the Analyst along with specimen impression of the seal, third copy to the seller, fourth copy with Inspector along with file sample and fifth copy with Inspector as office copy.)